Mechanical machining

To accomplish all client’s requirements (location, price, terms) we place mechanical machining in many locations of Slovakia or neighboring countries. We offer rough or final machining in various categories. As example of our possibilities we show you brief list of types of machining: There are only most used parameters and dimensions. For bigger dimensions we need to have a look into technical documentation and then we can provide you solutions.


  • Diameter: up to 2.000mm
  • Length: up to 10.000mm
  • Weight: up to 40.000kg

Vertical Lathes:

  • Diameter: up to 4.000mm


  • We offer workshop in various metallurgical factories in dimension ranges from middle size machines to large portal milling machines with table 2.500mm*4.000mm*12.000mm and weight of part up to 40 tons.


  • vertical honing operations within a range from Ø30 mm up to Ø250 mm for work piece maximum length of 3,000 mm
  • horizontal honing operations within a range from Ø70 mm up to Ø160 mm for work piece maximum length of 7,000 mm
  • external grinding of rotary parts up to maximum diameter 300 mm and length of 3,000 mm
  • surface grinding operations up to dimensions of 800×3,000 mm

Gearing fabrication

  • Milling of gearings – module within the scope from 0.5 ÷ 16 to milling diameter of 1,600 mm
  • Gearing width of 560 mm as maximum
  • Shaping of gearings – module 12, max. to shaping diameter of 1,500 mm
  • Gearing width of 200 mm as maximum
  • Grinding of gearings – module within the scope from 2÷12 to grinding diameter of 500 mm, gearing width of 160 mm as maximum
  • Gleason

Balancing of rotary parts

  • Diameter: 2.000mm
  • Length: 10.000mm
  • Weight: 9.000kg


  • Bench, pedestal and radial drilling machines up to maximum Ø80 mm with maximum stroke of 1,250 mm and maximum drilling depth of 450 mm
  • Precise drilling machine for precise holes
  • Horizontal boring machines with spindle diameter up to Ø160 mm for drilling, milling, counter boring and turning the holes subject to strict tolerances
  • Deep drilling of rotary products up to maximum hole diameter 350 mm for work piece length of 8,000 mm
  • Deep drilling of non-rotating parts with maximum hole diameter 300 mm and drilling length of 2,000 mm

Others mechanical machining – further discussion