We are focus on complex shape castings in (rough) weight range from 5kg to 40.000kg and maximal dimensions 8.500*4.800*3.000mm.

Produced material:

  • Carbon steels
  • Low- and medium-alloy steels
  • High-alloy steels
  • Nodular cast iron
  • According to customer requirement, if the condition of molten metal (heat) accumulation is satisfied

Basic range of produced material for castings from nodular cast iron

Material according to STN Material according to DIN
422304 GGG 40
422305 GGG 50
422306 GGG 60
422307 GGG 70

Casting from steel cast iron and special material.
(Others are subjected to further discussion)

The liquid metal is manufactured in induction furnaces for castings of the weight max. 2.000 kg. We are able to produce the liquid metal from low – alloy steel to high – alloy steel and cast iron with special properties.

For castings of weight over 2.000 kg is production of liquid metal provided in electric arc furnaces.

For certain categories of casting, metallurgical factories hold certificates which authorized them to produce castings for railway process.

Material according to STN Material according to DIN
422640,43 GS 45, GS-C25
422650 GS 52
422660 GS 60
422709 GS 24 Mn4
422712 GS 21 Mn5
422906 G-X 20 Cr 17
422934 G-X 25 CrNiSi 169
422920 G-X120 Mn 12

These products are checked by ultrasonic test, magnetic particle or liquid penetrates examination and testing of mechanical properties.

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